We’ve dedicated Docker development & production servers:

  • dev1.[pvt|pub] or simply for all development environment

  • or simply for all live environments

All inbound requests will be routed via the Proxy.

We’re also running our own Docker registries which can be used to push Docker images.

Docker CI file#

Since we’re using Shared GitLab CI files, feel free to use the Docker CI file to build & deploy images with ease.

Health checks#

Please ensure you add proper health checks to your Docker images by providing a HEALTHCHECK Dockerfile directive.


Docker will automatically restart crashed containers. However, unhealthy containers won’t be restarted automatically.

Thus we’ve a rather simple Healer container which restarted unhealthy containers.


To view & manager the running containers on the Docker hosts, we’re using Portainer.


You can login with your LDAP credentials. However, please note that someone needs to assign admin access to your account after the first login.

Development GitLab runners#

There are 2 registered and shared GitLab runners running on the development server. The runners can be used to test & build applications.

Use the following GitLab CI tags to access the runners:

  • dev docker: To run a job in a Docker container on the development server (i.e. Docker executor)

  • dev shell: To run a job directly in the shell on development server (i.e. Shell executor)


Use the dev shell tags only for deploying Docker containers (i.e. docker-compose). For everything else, use the dev docker tags and thus the Docker executor.