There’s a Traefik Proxy running on all Docker servers, dispatching all incoming HTTP/HTTPS requests to the desired Docker containers.

The proxies also provides a dashboard, which can be used to display a few informations about the deployed routes & services (Docker containers):


The proxies are deployed in the Proxy GitLab project and the dashboards are only available from within private networks.

Routing requests#

If you’re deploying a Docker container and you want HTTP(S) requests to be routed to your container, you’ve the options below. These options automatically follow the URL naming scheme defined in the Environments.


You never want to specify URL’s or Traefik rules manually. If both of the options below don’t work for you, annoy Dominique first!

Static files#

To deploy static files, use the Web Compose CI file in your GitLab CI pipeline. With this setup, you don’t have to bother w/ Docker or Docker Compose itself.

With Docker Compose#

To get more control, create your own Docker Compose (i.e. docker-compose.yml) file in your project and use the Docker Compose CI file in your pipeline. Now you’re mostly in charge of the Compose file.