Ansible Meetup#

These are the guidelines for the Ansible Zürich Meetup:

  • How many topics will be presented at each event?
    • There are up to 3 topics presented and discussed per event.

  • How many Ansiblers will attend an event?
    • Usually we’ve a turnout of about 20-50 people.

  • What is the target audience for the event?
    • This is an Ansible community (and open-source) event. The target audience are current Ansible users, and people who want to start using Ansible.

  • How experienced is the audience?
    • Usually there’s a good mix – from people just getting to know Ansible, up to real Ansible experts, and even contributors.

  • Will the events be online or on-premise?
    • Ansible meetups will always be held on-premises.

  • Will the events be recorded and/or streamed?
    • Yes, the events will usually be recorded and live-streamed to YouTube. Streaming links will be announced on the meetup site, a few minutes before the first presentation starts.

  • What qualifies me as a speaker?
    • You must have experience with Ansible and feel comfortable presenting live to an audience (see question above).

  • What are the requirements for a presentation?
    • Presentations need to cover an open-source Ansible topic, and have to include at least a technical demo.

  • Is there anything that is not permitted?
    • This is a community event and it should keep that way. Thus, commerical presentations (e.g. sales pitches) are not allowed.

  • What’s the length of a presentation?
    • Presentations are time-boxed to 20 minutes (presentation & demo), followed by a 10 minute Q&A session.

  • Which language can I use during the presentation?
    • You can talk German or English, but slides need to be in English.


Are you interested in becoming a speaker? Ping us and send us the following things:

  • The Ansible topic you’re going to present

  • Your full name

  • Your contact details (i.e. email address, phone number)

  • A picture / avatar of yourself

  • The name of the company you’re working at

  • Your preferred langauge (German or English)

  • Your shirt size (S, M, L, XL)


Is your company interested in becoming a sponsor? Ping us and send us the following things:

  • The name of the company

  • The logo of the company

  • The invoice address of the company

  • Your contact details (i.e. email address, phone number)

  • Your shirt size (S, M, L, XL)


This is the Checklist for prepairing the Ansible meetung

3 to 1 month before:#

  • Set Date

  • Update Meetup Page with the date

  • Search Sponsors

  • Search Location

  • Search Speakers

  • Search Catering

  • Update Meetup Page with the Speakers & Sponsors

  • Update Twitter & Linkedin

  • Visit the Location with the person responsible for the Streaming and make Fotos etc. and update the technical Checkliste for the location

2 Weeks before:#

  • Setup an Ansible Drill for Live-Streaming with Thaddeus, Andreas and Kenin

  • Fix issues that occurred

  • Make a organisation document and send it via Mattermost to all Team-members

  • Make a quick update about the Planning & Review Session

1 Week before:#

  • Push Twitter and Linkedin if there are to less attendance

  • Prepare everything for the Meetup (Streaming Checklist, if needed Food, How we get there, Parking Spaces, Timer etc.)

  • Prepare EMA with the Sponsors and Speakers

Final Day:#

  • Pack everything

  • Make a last Check about the Equipment (Streaming Checklist)

  • Be early and relax! (Estimated Time to prepair ~2 hours)

Packing List:#

  • Steaming Equipment inkl. JBL

  • Grey Boxes with cables, cameras, Stativs, Lights, Netgear Router etc.

  • Timer

  • Food

  • Merchandise

  • Speaker Grifts

  • People

  • etc.